Canadian Sales Tax Calculator is an easy-to-use and accurate sales tax calculator designed for easy calculation of Federal, Provincial and Harmonized sales taxes from coast to coast

Armed with Canadian Sales Tax Calculator, you will be able to figure out your after-tax total before approaching the cash register anywhere in Canada, calculate sales taxes for your services and email quick invoices to your customers or clients, or simply satisfy your curiosity and compare tax rates across different provinces and territories.

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Cross-Canada Support

Easily & accurately calculate GST, PST, HST, QST and RST across all Canadian provinces and territories.

Reverse Calculator

Take the taxes off of any total and easily find the original before-tax price (subtotal).

Email the Total

Need to send a quick invoice to a customer? Just tap the mail icon and the app will create a new email with all the right numbers, properly formatted.

In-App Math Calculator

A handy in-app calculator takes care of all the number crunching you might need. A simple tap transfers the result to the tax calculator.

Province Memory

TThe app always remembers your selected province or territory, even if you quit it and come back later.

Bilingual App

On parle fran├žais ici! Canadian Sales Tax Calculator fully supports both English and French.


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Version 1.0

Released on Nov 26, 2013
  • New Initial release for iOS


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